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Over the last decade a lot has changed in the way we do business, with an expanded range of products, an all new store at an upmarket location and an emphasis on modern methods of marketing. The makeover at Mangatrai Jewellers however remains firmly rooted in one age old family tradition – a commitment to total customer satisfaction.

When we opened our swanky, new showroom in the heart of the upmarket retail centre Hitech City in 2002 it may have seemed to many as being part of a routine expansion drive by one of the older names in the jewellery business in Hyderabad, the City of Pearls. But while increasing demand for our jewellery was undoubtedly one of the factors that prompted the move from near the historic Charminar monument in the old city, it was actually a reflection of a much larger transformation that had been occurring in the perspective with which the company approached its business.

It was a change that began over the last decade or so, as our fourth generation came to the helm of affairs. Till then it had been a modest family run business established way back in 1935. Unlike our forefathers who had learnt their skills entirely on the job, those who charted the new course for the company had undergone professional training in gemology, management and other related skills and were acutely aware of the changes taking place in the country, industry and business environment.

"With the rise of new industries, and the software boom over the last decade, Hyderabad has emerged as a much more cosmopolitan centre and there is a new generation of consumers with an entirely different mindset “It was the context within which we developed our strategy to launch newer initiatives, introduce modernization and plan for expansion.

Mangatrai Group of shops opened a New Showroom at Liberty Cross Roads, Opp Petrol Bunk, Lady's Hydri Club, Basheer Bagh in 2007, under the name and style “M/S Mangatrai Gems, Pearls and Jewellers ". Spread over two floors covering, one dedicated entirely to pearl jewellery and the other to diamonds, the showroom also has a touch of glamour with whom Mangatrai Jewellers has a tie-up for its in-store promotions.

The makeover, more importantly, has also greatly expanded the product range that is on offer displays a wide spectrum of choices in pearl jewellery, plain, diamond or precious stone studded gold jewellery or kundan pokri sets.

Within the showroom, the oldest product – pearl jewellery – is displayed over the mezzanine floor, and the diamond and precious stone studded selection is showcased on the ground floor. One ‘Mangatrai special’ that has been widely appreciated is a replica of the famous Charminar monument crafted in pearls. This is presented by the AP State Tourism to international dignitaries visiting the state, and among its many recipients are Bill Clinton and Prince Charles. The latter was so taken up with the model, that he sent us a warm letter of appreciation after his return to London.

The jewellery on offer at Mangatrai is still mainly of the handcrafted variety, and is created with great care by skilled artisans and master craftsmen. But we use a number of modern techniques and systems in our Quality Control department, to provide our customers with the best possible products.

Reaching Out

Along with the revamped showroom and the new products, an all-new marketing strategy is also emerging. Regular mailers are sent to clients highlighting the company’s new products, and on the anvil is a strategy that uses an innovative personal approach. “We will reach out to customers at an individual level wishing them on their birthdays and anniversaries, as well as keeping them informed of events in our showroom through tele-calling, emailing and printed promotional material. New ground was also broken with the unveiling the first ever hoarding advertising Tahiti pearls in India. This was one of the various joint promotions in which Mangatrai has partnered Perles de Tahiti.

Human Touch

A further link in the chain is the new emphasis on training of the staff. The aim is to help develop basic skills and selling techniques so that the sales people are sensitive to the needs and tastes of every customer who walks into the showroom. Further, the company also ensures that each new time a new product is launched the staff receives a detailed orientation. We brief them on various aspects of the collection – the design, details of all the materials used, and so on which ensures that they are equipped to easily answer different types of queries from customers. These and other modern management techniques for inventory, QC etc have enabled Mangatrai to successfully acquire ISO certification.

The Old and the New

Despite all these major changes, however, in an age when new is often virtually equated with ‘better’, Mangatrai Jewellers takes pride in their continued emphasis on age old values, and their ability to build on the traditions that have made them a ‘must-visit’ destination for a wide range of clients ranging from VIPs and celebrities to foreign tourists, NRIs and consumers from the city. So though the makeover is quite thorough in many our aspect of the business, a firm commitment to customer satisfaction is the one traditional value that our generation is never going to give up. This remains at the core of all the new initiatives and modernization that is taking place as well as the global expansion that is on the anvil. In a sense, the new generation is a perfect mix of old values and new trends.

But while remaining firm on this score, the company has taken the concept of customer satisfaction a step further by actively seeking ideas, opinions and feedback from its clientele. Thus while there are certain standards for the purity and quality of its products which are attuned to global standards, “Care is also taken to meet each customer’s personal quality standard! Customers come first and we allow them to guide us by paying attention to their feedback.

Little wonder then that we recently received the “Jeweller of the Year” award from Perles de Tahiti, and that the company has received coverage in the global media with features on CNBC, Discovery, BBC and New York Times.

We look forward for a long time Business Relationship.

Thank you

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